What’s Your Opinion? Are Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds Among The Best Of The Best?

Cheese Feminized Seeds   This popular feminized strain was originally cultivated in the UK. It offers a remarkable cheesy taste rarely found in any other strain; not to mention it is a big hit amongst the smokers who love the intense cannabis highs.

   The pleasant effect with a strong taste makes it a popular and feasible feminized cannabis choice for the commercial growers. The skunk undertone and a strong effect clearly distinguish Cheese feminized seeds from the rest. Towards harvesting time, growers see very rigid buds, bushy plants and a tight flower structure quite unique to this type of cannabis plant. The popularity and usability of Cheese cannabis are not limited to just smokers; in fact many countries use it for medicinal purposes as it helps in fighting anxiety and relieves pain.

High THC and Short Flowering Period

   The feminized seed typically takes 8 to 10 weeks to flower and has a THC level of 10-14%. The best harvesting month for growing Cheese outdoors is considered as the month of October. With these feminized seeds the growers can’t really grow any male plants as only the female ones have the right THC level that is apt for smoking. Many commercial growers go for regular Cheese seeds and not the feminized ones, mainly due to its high pricing. But the end result of regular Cheese cannabis seeds is hardly 50% as productive as with its feminized version. Buying it from a reputed online seed bank such as High Supplies can certainly address the issue as the marijuana seed supplier is known for offering high quality seeds at the most reasonable prices. 

Cheese seeds

Easy to Grow Indoors

   Novice indoor cannabis growers would be happy to know that Cheese feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow even indoors as both techniques such as SCROG and SOG are equally effective in this case. Just be sure to use high quality, intense lighting. No matter whether you grow the strain indoors or outdoors you are almost guaranteed to get the feeling of mellow deliciousness and narcotic body stone. You may not be able to make much of physical movement but your brain may be in the driver seat driving really fast; that is the kind of added euphoria you can expect from something like Cheese feminized cannabis seeds.

Feminized Cheese Cannabis Seeds Give Great Yields

   This strain in particular changed the whole scene of cannabis breeding around the world as it became the super powerful and aromatic Indica hybrid that everybody wanted to get their hands on. With quality Cheese feminized strain you can hope for the unique strength and aroma that you may not have experienced with any other cannabis strain. In addition, high quality seeds can be very lucrative in two to three harvests as they are known for giving excellent yields. 

   Once again we’d like reiterate the fact of buying only the high quality strains from trusted names like High Supplies to actually get the results that you crave for. All your time, money and hard work may go completely in vain if the quality of feminized seeds that you purchase is not good enough for commercial cultivation.

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