Grow Shops

Grow shops (Hydroponic supply store) are an essential part of growing good bud. You could go to home depot and buy some miracle grow but you never know how its going to turn out because fertilizers at home depot aren’t specifically designed for marijuana.
[singlepic id=314 w=700 h=700 float=]Grow shops like this one located at 636 Main st. Corona, Ca 92880    (951) 273-9664 have everything you could possibly want or need to grow marijuana indoor or outdoor[singlepic id=317 w=500 h=500 float=]  Now you might be asking your self, “why do I even need food for my marijuana plants, aren’t they weeds that naturally grow everywhere anyway?” Yes your absolutely right but try and think about a different way, if an apple tree is growing in the wild it will get tall and every year it will grow apples but they will be small and a llittle sour tasting  and some might even be rotten before the hit the ground. Then why at the grocery store are all the apples giant, bright red and really sweet?

When you give the marijuana plants the right food they get bigger, more potent, better tasting, better smelling and sometimes brighter colors.

To find the right food for your plants you need to go into a grow shop (hydroponic supply store) and tell the people working there your grow settup, but make shure you dont you the words marijuana, pot or weed, always call it “tomatos” and most grow shops like Organic planet in the picture above will be more than happy to help you. [singlepic id=320 w=400 h=400 float=]

Always remember GROW SHOPS CANT AND WONT DISCUSS MARIJUANA GROWING but all the products in there store are designed for marijuana plants. Its kind of ridiculous but its not there fault its the states.

Your plants are going to need food from start to finish so make sure you know where your local grow shop is before you get started with some seed or clones. The easiest way to find one is to ether look in the Phone book or to google Hydroponic shop “your city name”, for example: Hydroponic shop tacoma Wa and if your in a state where medical marijuana is legal the most likely there will be one with in a 30 min drive.

Here is some thing you might see in a hydroponic shop:[singlepic id=316 w=500 h=500 float=]

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636 MAIN ST. CORONA, CA 92880

(951) 273-9664                      1 MILE NORTH OF I-91, NEXT TO GOODYEAR TIRE STORE

[singlepic id=315 w=900 h=900 float=]

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