Getting Legal

Ok first off let me say that this “How To” is really short because its actually really easy.

Now you can’t go to your HMO assigned family physician and get your Prop 215 recommendation, however you do need to go to your family physician and get a copy of your medical record but don’t worry if you can’t or you don’t want to because most clinics will give you a 6 month prescription if you don’t have medical proof as opposed to a one year prescription.

After you have your medical records all you need is a California driver’s license to show proof of residence (or I.D. from any state you live in where medical marijuana is legal) and a real reason for using medical marijuana that is also shown at least once in your medical records.

I have my prescriptions for headraces my friend has his for depression, nearly anything that involves pain, nerves, eating or emotional distress will get you a 215 recommendation.

Now that you have everything you need to find a clinic near you and one of the best web sites iv found is click this link and at the page it brings you to there will be a place for you to put your zip code in and it will find all the clinics near you with phone numbers and addresses.

Once you get your listings call a few of them because the prices can vary anywhere from around $80 to $200 so try and find the cheapest one. It is important to locate a clinic that is professional and reputable because your Medical Marijuana card can be found invalid if the Medical Marijuana Physician’s license is revoked.

While consulting with a Medical Marijuana Doctor, they will examine your medical records, answer any questions and further educate you on how to properly medicate with marijuana.

After you go and get your prescription the first thing your going to want to do is go to a dispensary and buy some bud but the clinics will have no information on dispensary locations at all and nor will they talk to you about it, so check out my “how to” on dispensaries.