Find A Marijuana Dispensary

SO you finally got your prop 215 medical marijuana recommendation but you have no idea where to buy legal bud. Well if you live near LA all you have to do is drive around downtown and you will see many marijuana dispensaries but not everyone is so fortunate. For the rest of us there is a few web sites that are extremely helpful in locating dispensaries.

Here is a few listed below: –This site is nice, all you have to do is enter your zip code and it will find the nearest dispensaries to your location. –This is a great site for dispensary, clinics and legal information. –This all in one site is everything prop 215 and will help you find a dispensary or clinic. (this is a great site, it’s the site that got me started.) –Best website for finding dispensaries. –Great informational site with many video clips on medical marijuana and much more. –This will be your biggest resource more than any other, here is some key word searches you might try if you didn’t like the results the other web sites gave you:


-prop 215 collectives

-Collectives care givers

-marijuana collectives