Top 20 Most Influential Marijuana Related Twitter Accounts

The marijuana movement on twitter is blowing up and there are several twitter accounts that deserve credit for helping this happen. If you search “Marijuana” on twitter, 9 times out of 10 you will find one of these accounts below spreading the truth about marijuana use and it legalization.

1. Are you a Marijuana user?

2. Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

3. Are you 420 friendly?

4. Are you a super hot girl?

If you answered “YES” to questions 1 through 3 then you will probably benefit from following one, if not all of the Twitter accounts below.

If you answered “YES” to question 4 then you should probably follow @howtogrowbud πŸ™‚


List Of Most Influential Marijuana Related Twitter Accounts

Remember this is a list In No Particular Order of the twitter accounts that have a strong influence on the flow of marijuana related issues on Twitter. THIS IS NOT A LIST OF TWITTER ACCOUNTS OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MARIJUANA WEBSITES.


@alapoet – this is the owner of realitycatcher , writer for and personal friend of mine :). If you were only going to follow one twitter account to get all the latest and greatest about anything marijuana related, this would be the guy to follow.

@Hail_Mary_Jane – This guy is the writer/owner of and his tweets cover the sexy side of marijuana,Β  pop culture and sports based marijuana entertainment. He is real approachable and friendly if you ever want to shoot him a question.


@howtogrowbud – Ya Ya i know I’m kind of bias putting my own twitter account on this list but at any given time on any given day if you search twitter for the word “Marijuana” you will almost always find something I’ve tweeted. Plus we have about 16k followers

@Hempsterdam420 -this guy tweets all about the possibility’s and uses of Hemp, he doesn’t have the most followers but this guy tweets his ass off spreading the news about marijuana trying to inform everyone on all issues hemp

@DougBenson – Doug Benson is a marijuana stand up comedian and the creator of “Super High Me” he has a shit load of followers and what ever he says people listen.


@NORML – This is the official Twitter account of they have about 16k followers (same as HTGB) and they tweet only “good to know” marijuana info and current events. If your love marijuana news then follow these guys. There are many NORML branches that have twitter accounts but i think this one is the biggest.

@CannabisCulture -This is tho official twitter account of . Cannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. Cannabis Culture is published every two months, and can be found at hemp and head shops, retail book stores, and newsstands across North America.

@TaxCannabis – This is the official twitter account of an organization trying to promote the legalization and taxing of marijuana in California.

@420Magazine – The official twitter account of

@CannabisNews – This is one of the biggest twitter accounts so far with about 19k followers and this is the official twitter account for and one of my favorites when it comes to finding quick up to date current events concerning marijuana and cannabis.


@HempNews – This actually the biggest one yet with 46k followers and this is the official twitter account for


@KatieYumYumm – This is the official Ganja Girls Twitter account run by Ganja Girl Katie. She also has her own website

@stonerjesus420 – This is the official Twitter account of The Pothead Pundit and this guy has mad more tweets then most of the twitter accounts i listed above and about 4k followers (Not to mention they link to HTGB often)

@HIGH_TIMES_Mag – This is the official Twitter account for high times magazine – “We get more done after 4:20 than most people do all day”
@B_Real420 – This is CYPRESS HILL Twitter Account, if you love CYPRESS HILL then you probably want to follow them – CYPRESS HILL RISE UP IN STORES 4/20


@RadicalRuss – national NORML outreach coordinator and host of NORML SHOW LIVE is at the top of my personal list of favorite reefer reform tweeters. Give him a look


@my1queervoice – This guy was one of the first 215 patients. he doesn’t primarily tweet stuff about marijuana but he RTs the important stuff and is an open advocate for marijuana reform.

@Dodger420 – This is the account of Patrick (one of the owners of HTGB and he is one of the most active marijuana twitterers i know. This guy is a social networking NINJA

@CelebStoner – Yes as you might of guessed this is the official twitter account for . If you havent checked their site out make sure you do, its always good to know what celebs are on our side of the fence.


There is only 18 Accounts on this list because this article is a work in progress. If you think there is someone who should be added to this list, please leave a comment and let us know.

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31 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    @RadicalRuss national NORML outreach coordinator and host of NORML SHOW LIVE is at the top of my personal list of favorite reefer reform tweeters. Give him a look, perhaps he could make your list as well.

  2. Mike says:

    thx, ill add him to the list πŸ™‚

  3. dodger says:

    @Dodger29 is pretty influential RT ninja

  4. Awesome, I’m already following all of them. =] So where am I on this list? XP

  5. Mindful Hal says:

    I’m a cancer survivor blogging for marijuana newbies at I’m not in the class of the people you list above; not even close. But if you’re a newbie, this scene is confusing and intimidating. I try to help people who want/need marijuana but don’t know where to start and are terribly misinformed. I give info on the blog, and I personally walk people through the process if they want. Don’t know if this gets me on your list, but I appreciate the opportunity to comment! I’m @mindfulhal and I’d love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

  6. sheena she says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if i tweeted this to you but another person would be @hayesishigh420 He should be added onto the list for his contributions to Chainsaws&Jelly, West Coast Cannabis and The Cannabis Post

    He gives an outsider unfamiliar with the happenings of the LA Medical Marijuana scene, a first hand account and spares no details. His writing alone brought my site (Chainsaws and Jelly) tons of traffic. A great person to follow on Twitter.

    Thank you!!!

  7. hemp says:

    Don’t forget about @thehempcloud πŸ™‚ Another hemp news tweeter (and the best hemp product site). Perhaps I’d have thousands of followers if I started following everyone on twitter as well.

  8. yayweed says:

    you should definitely @nugporn and @weedmaps.

  9. hemp says:

    hehe.. almost. I just don’t know how I feel about following 20,000 people on twitter. As if you could read tweets from 20,000 people.. Follow-Backs are OK I guess.. still dilutes the value of twitter. haha.. sorry for the rant

  10. Brian says:

    @RealWizKhalifa 150K+ followers, probably 125K are smokers

  11. Mike says:

    I looked at @RealWizKhalifa twitter page and he does have 150k followers but i looked through several pages of his tweets and none of them were weed related. unless i missed something i don’t think he qualify’s for being top 20 most influential Marijuana twitter accounts.

  12. Jolie says:

    @ Twiiter you should check me out Rosebudbluntgrl ( founder) of RoseBud Blunt Girls. We have a lovely site and will be updating pictures and content soon. We have all inclusive cannabis lifestyle site. So burn one and check us out.

  13. alex says:

    @margeawanna he don’t got all that many followers but has grown a ton since i started following. But none the less the man seems to live, breathe, and inhale marijuana. With the right support his shit talking of getting it legalized might actually happen. He has a level head about it.

  14. wietroker says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for this list.

    Maybe you could add mine? hehe. I am the ONLY local blogger of the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene πŸ™‚


  15. With an eerily unique product line and competitive pricing,Superior construction as well from 17 years in the pipe market.

  16. Allie says:

    Don’t forget StonedHaikus!

    Very funny!

  17. Hope you can can add as well. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  18. I think she’s damn hot!

  19. Ginn says:

    fOllow me @stilett0stoner

  20. DatBoiStacks says:

    @stoner_stuff should make the list. I expect to be on it within a year. @DatBoiStacks

  21. I think @A420Nation and @CannaFriends are doing a good job to get the word out. They are new and a bit small, but moving up fast. is a 420 social network working hard for legalization in all states! Thanks for including us! Puff, puff, pass—->

  22. MrLunk.Tk says:

    High stoners πŸ™‚

    Very much honored to see my aler ego:


    Made the top 5 of this cool list !!!

    My main online precence is @MrLunk
    My BLogpage @ http://MrLunk.Tk

    I allso maintain
    a dutch news/forum website…

    HIt me up on FaceBook too:

    Hempy greetings,

    Peter Lunk
    Haarlem, Netherlands

  23. cheflarz says:

    @Dopefiend leader of a worldwide cannabis podcast network