The “Green Rush” Spawns a New Type Of Marijuana Service

During the California Gold Rush of 1849 most of the prospectors searching for Gold either barely broke even or went broke completely. However we all know the long success of a little company which started during that time called Levi Strauss. They didn’t search for gold and chase the dream. They clothed others and enabled them to chase the dream. It’s been said the only people who made money on the rush were those selling shovels. Today’s interesting legal and economic situation being called the “Green Rush” have given birth to a new kind of entrepreneur. Drawn to our industry not by the big money but by the huge possibilities, his plans are grand and his momentum is building. We sat down to smoke a J with this visionary; Alex’s humble summery of his collective, “I’m just a guy selling shovels”

As Marijuana laws in California become less and less strict patients are experiencing a gap in coverage so to speak. The state encourages patients to grow their own medicine. But just like the doctors who stop earning income when they make you well, dispensaries and collectives lose a paying customer when they sell you a clone. Or do they? In the hills East of San Diego one man is working hard everyday to supply medical marijuana patient’s access to the plant which brings them the relief no other medicine can. He’s not trying to keep the client hooked. He’s helping them become self sufficient.

“I worked in a collective and began to see the same pattern there that had disgusted me from the mainstream medical community” says Alex.

That’s when he founded Green Flash Gardens.

What is that? It’s a clone only collective that even allows patients to exchange medicine for plants.

“The purpose in that is to establish a program with the benefits of an insurance policy but without the greedy banker getting rich behind the whole scheme.” Alex’s experience in banking and the foreign currency exchange markets taught him much that he is able to put into positive action in the MMJ field. “I also spent 2 years studying pyramid schemes convinced there is a way to run that type of business ethically and truly empower the masses that joined instead of selling them a bag of magic beans.”

“I never had one glimmer of hope in those 2 years until I founded Green Flash Gardens.” He says the breakthrough was designing an exchange system which benefits the patients yet allows enough profit to cover the expenses of the collective. “This exchange system” he says “must contain its own new form of currency and internal consumption.” Alex hasn’t rolled out the entire program but the growers who are testing it out with him are very pleased.

Cannabis Currency? Not as crazy as it sounds when you get in the room with Alex for a short time. He’s a charismatic kat.

OK so Weed as money, Collectives as insurance, Where does the rubber meet the road? How does any of this help the patients?

“We have one young grower Justin for example. He got started growing his own medicine from our cuts and now provides healthy cuts for us every week. Justin is in a wheelchair due to his illness. He can still live independently take care of himself and work but the job he had when we first met was menial and he felt that he was not living up to his potential as a human on this planet. Also he had no desire to make new friends or even go out of the house much. He was depressed, angry, nearly broke from calling in sick because he hated his job and spiraling downward into even worse crap and self hate. “Even without my legs, I know I’m worth more than this, I can give the world better” he said to me one day. That struck me to the core and the statement he made guides my every decision about the collective. I knew he was right, and I needed to live up to that standard as well. I realized I CAN give the world better; so now I do through patients like Justin. Today he earns from the collective almost twice the income he had before; He is fulfilled and happy with his work and his life, He has a very pretty girlfriend and plays in the wheelchair basketball league.

All of these blessings came to his life because he chose to give the world better. What insurance program can offer that? What government agency is providing that? You’ll be hard pressed to even find a religion that can bring you that. Our members can start out with a nominal cost and within a very short time not only have the cost of their medicine covered but they can slowly replace the income from a traditional job simply by providing healthy cuts of our strains back to the collective.”

So why clones and not medicine? “I studied the growers I knew and searched out new ones to ask questions of. The biggest problems they had in their business were very simply removed when they stopped flowering and focused on producing clones.

Huge power bill. GONE

3 months between payday. Gone

Need a big space to grow big herbs. GONE

Expensive nutrients. GONE

Hide the smell GONE

We might get robbed GONE

I have to go sell the weed GONE”

“Now switch all of those situations to a clone producer and watch.

Power Bill: Fluorescents and T5’s use a fraction of the power needed for high intensity grow lights. Plus the heat is almost none in comparison.

Long cycle: Clones take 10-14 days that’s when a patient grower gets paid. Medicine takes at least 3 months, probably more. Then it must be dried trimmed cured and sold before the grower sees a dime.

Space: 300 clones will fit on a standard shelf.

Expensive nutrients: Not needed for clones. MaxSea is the cheapest and best for moms ($17). One bottle of Clonex Gel lasts about a year.

Hide the smell: The mother and baby plants have hardly any smell. The flowers of course are what are so pungent.

We might get robbed: Very legitimate concern if you grow meds. You do all the work someone else swings in snatches your crop, you are in the hole for money, and it’ll take you 3 more months to get another payday. Who wants to steal plants that are still 3 months away from being weed?

I have to go sell the meds: Who wants to do that? Probably no one. Our growers don’t have to worry about that we take their entire crop weekly.”

Alex is defiantly working hard for those in need.

With this collective he has over 50 strains available to members.

He delivers to all of SoCal and is still accepting new members.

“There is a short waiting list to become one of the growers who donates clones but if you want to give better to this world and build better for yourself, then

Green Flash Gardens is the collective for you”.

Contact Alex @

Twitter : @Green1Gardens

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