The Effects Of Marijuana Treatment For ADHD And ADD

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  1. daivd knowles says:


    I’m doing an article on treating ADHD with marijuana. Would it be possible to interview you?

    -David Knowles

  2. Colleen Fish says:

    ADD is not due to overactivity of any part of the brain but rather low activity. The prefrontal cortex doesn’t activite leading to not being able to think, plan, and serious lack of impulse control.

    I highly recommend you read the books from Dr. Amen and Dr. Gabor Mate on ADD.

    I too have ADD and was just diagnosed in May 2010. I have been told my whole life I was bipolar but no I am not, my brain scans prove it as my prefrontal cortex isn’t active and needs stimulation which ironically is what the weed is doing in our brains for the ADD.

    I use cannabis for both my ADD and PTSD but one day I hope not to need medicine for either one due to healing my brain. It can change. I learned that over ten years ago in my neuroscience classes in university. Today I am a consultant for lawyers on helping their clients through the courts. I even have a case currently that involves a young child with ADD.

    Secondly, ADD is not a learning disability but rather a neurodevelopmental disability. It isn’t that we can’t learn it is that we dont’ pay attention to do that. This article you mentioned had many things that were incorrect about ADD. Please ADD/ADHD are being joined into a communal ADD with actually 6 different types being shown through brain scans.

    We need to activate our prefrontal cortex which is what both stimulants and cannabis are being shown to do.

    I finally know what a proper organized day with things being completed feels like. WOW! Hope you have a great day!!

    • Mike says:

      Its hard to say what ADHD is or is NOT because there are hundreds of books out there that say many different things.
      about a year ago i signed up to do a couple different drug trials for adults with ADHD and two of the three trials required a gene test to prove you have ADHD, they said they were looking for a duplicate gene (i forget the exact name). So why would they do an expensive gene test if they could just do a brain scan to see if your frontal lobe is inactive. Interesting reply thankyou

  3. I found ur artical very interesting , i am ADHD/ADD/ and use cannabis for 20yr,s , i helps me so much , Thankyou for this artical

  4. ryan says:

    I have self medicated for the past 34 years with Marijuana but only knew why I could not stop smoking it three years ago when I was diagnosed. The Dr.s want to prescribe other synthetic drugs to me but when I read the possible side effects refused to take them !!! I doubt I would have taken them in any case as I don’t like taking any drugs not even paracetamol. The Dr`s are pissed off with me because I told them the truth what am I supposed to do LIE !!! They would like that even less

  5. ryan says:

    Yes David, with pleasure !!!

  6. nyguy says:

    I would like to chat with david knowles about his research on all of this. Please email me when you get a free min.

  7. juan says:

    I was diagnosed with adhd and I smoke weed. I’m 16 and latino. My parents think I’m lying about having adhd just to smoke weed and are making me go to rehab where I’ll be tested on a weekly basis…

  8. Flo says:

    i’m 16 and have major adhd. I have been the odd kid out for about 15 years and when I came for an exchange year to the US my parents made me take concerta and i have to say it works for me… but about 1 hour ago i was extremly hyper doing some artwork, extremely excited and happy. then i was done and i just crashed and couldn’t handle it anymore and that wasn’t the only time … could anyone send an email to tell me if marijuana helps with that? THANKS

  9. Jeremy says:

    I have had adhd all my life, but I have never told anyone. I failed highschool, and dropped out. I was socially awkward. I went through an emo/goth phase, because I had no friends. I started smoking cannabis last year and it changed me. I got my g.e.d and am now in college. My family doesn’t understand how hard it is to focus in class for me. My teacher told me to go to my adviser and talk with her but I am embarrassed. can someone give me some advice… I am trying so hard it’s killing me.

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