Save Money By Investing In The Best Cannabis Vape Pens

   The industry is blowing up in terms of sales in the $5.3 billion a year industry and that’s the industry of cannabis vape pens. There are many to choose from and with so many benefits the list can keep going on. The fact is that you can now experience a good method of inhalation without serious chemicals being inhaled. There are hundreds of different types of vape pens that are helping the cannabis patient live longer. The fewer medical bills the user will have and the amount of materials the user will save all leads to money savings over time.

   My first recommendation is to be careful being cheap! While it is OK to look for a deal, there are to many bargain hunters that think spending under $100 on a vape pen will suite their needs. Consumers should start thinking quality; spending $150-$300 on a solid unit is ideal because the quality will help save you more money and have less hassle. When it comes to your health, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more money up front for a long term financial gain. It may be tempting to start off with something cheap, but in the long haul, you’re going to be upgrading to something higher quality, thus spending more money.

Why Buy A Good Quality Cannabis Vape Pen?

   To go into more detail; you’re saving 8.5 grams per ounce of material when using a high quality vape pen. When you buy an ounce, you’re now saving $60-$120 per ounce and this will pay for itself very quickly. So this being said, the amount of money you will save is important but is second to the health benefits. Because the material is not burned, there is no ash or particulates that would normally be inhaled when smoking. All that is inhaled is water vapor and cannabinoids. When you go lower quality, you’re at greater risk of combustion with excessive heat, negating all of the benefits of vaporizing.

What Type Of Cannabis Vape Pens Should I Buy?

710 Ark Vaporizer   One of the biggest and most popular kits for cannabis vaporization is the 710 Ark pen vape. The reason why this is one of the best vape pens for the value ($129USD) is the fact you get 11 different attachments and can use it 12 different ways. The Glass Globe unit makes it easy for you to vape shatter while the wax Clearomizer makes it very easy to vaporize your concentrates and more liquid forms of wax. Then you have the e-liquid tank which will let you load your favorite liquids inside a decent sized tank that dispenses precise amounts for consumption. The different dry herb chambers with titanium-grade coils make it an upper-class type of quality and design makes the feel smooth and flawless. Each kit comes with 3 batteries and 3 different herb chambers; retro, regular and mini. This kit uses lithium ion batteries which allows for sufficient battery life. It comes with easy to use storage jars, USB micro charger and a threaded battery charger cord with USB hookup. You also get a cleaning brush, loading tool, instruction manual and a 1 year warranty to protect your investment.

Vaporizer Heating Methods

   There’s both conduction and convection vaporization and they’re both different. Conduction heating is as simple as your herbs laying directly on top of a heating element. You’d want to look for anodized metal, titanium and steel metal coils with ceramic and glass vapor paths to get the highest quality conduction heating. Digital temperature controls are not as common but helps to produce the best results.

   Convection vaporization is a little more complex as the hot air gets forced onto the plant material from which vapor is extracted. This type of heating ensures the user they’ll experience no combustion. You get cleaner pulls and a more pleasant taste. Usually the vaporizer will use a jet-style heating force as opposed to a fan blowing the air. There are different styles of heating on the market for convection vaporizers, we’ve seen perpetual heating, vortex heating, and phyto-inhalation heating on different styles of vaporizers.

Best Convection Marijuana Vape Pen Kit

Atmos Astra Kit   Currently on the market, convection style vape pens are very limited. It costs a lot more for convection technology but serves a quality vape pen when made correctly. The best convection style vape pen would be the Atmos Astra since it uses turbo-vortex heating that has 6 air vents toward the top and 6 directly on the bottom. This results in even air-flow, quality heating and the ceramic glass vapor path gives you an extremely clean pull. $179 gets you the Atmos Astra, a coil-less vape pen that will stand up to daily cannabis use. This unit comes with all the accessories, you can vape while charging and select from 5 different pre-set temperatures (356F – 428F). The various temperature settings give you a greater control of vaporization and you can drastically increase the temperature if your bud density changes with different strains. This unit just came out at the beginning of March 2015 and has already stirred up a ton of hype due to all the enthusiasts falling in love with the unit. If you’re truly shopping for quality, the Astra holds all the capabilities that you look for in a vape pen.

Where Do I Shop at For The Best Cannabis Vape Pens

   Online vaporizer shops are a dime-a-dozen but we found one of the good ones is YourVaporizers.Com because of several factors. The benefits of 24/7 chat support means that if you have an important question at 3 in the morning, it will be handled quickly and discreetly. The huge selection of all the different types of vape pens online is remarkable. The fact they’re authorized sellers with fair pricing is a huge bonus. Knowledgeable and friendly customer service equals a positive shopping experience. You can read all their positive reviews online as they have served thousands of customers already. They have all the products we mentioned here in this article to help provide you with the best information for cannabis vape pen users. Use Coupon Code: WEED to save $10 on your next purchase.

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