Roll a European style spliff

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5 Responses

  1. Datou says:

    Love big spliffs but tobacco…yuck.

  2. ma2 says:

    dude the tobacco is just so the joint burns better. plus our weed is much more potent!
    anyway in switzerland we usually role 75% weed / 25% tobacco not like in the pic.

    oh ya awesome site btw, lovin’ the design n’ shit!

  3. says:

    Just 2 things to add.

    It’s also common to put the filter in before you roll, adding it afterward is only the punishment for when it falls out (= you screwed it up)

    We also haz papers in varoious sizes x)

  4. jc says:

    mate that is the shittiest “euro” spliff I have ever seen. ditch that guy and come back over here to see some real spliffs…

    • Mike says:

      Ya iv been getting lots of shit for this video but that’s how all my friends in Germany roll joint, I lived there for 4 years,
      Plus have you seen all my pictures of weed, when you have so much weed that you need to ask everyone you know to help you trim, I feel you can roll a pliff any way you want.
      When some one wants to post a video of there room full of dank then I listen to there complaint about this video.

      Besides this video gets like 3rd most hits even though people don’t like it so I would be stupid to take it down 🙂