Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarettesI was walking through the mall and one of those sales people who are in the middle of the walkway approached me with an electronic cigarette , I looked at it, saw her blow some smoke out of her mouth in the middle of the mall and then she said want to try, from that point on I was sold.

I bought one right there and took it home to try it out. I wasn’t very impressed with the cartridges that came with it, they said each cartridge is like 2 packs of cigarettes but seemed to me more like 4 or 5 cigarettes worth.

I was disappointed so I started researching it on the web and I found that the brand that I bought (smoking  everywhere)  www.smokingeverywhere.com was the most expensive and the worst.

I found that there is many brands of E-Cigs and the one that had the most positive reviews and had the cartridges sold at more tobacco shops was the NJOY brand www.njoythefreedom,com . I pulled out my credit card and bought one.

electronic cigarettes 6

The set came with two batteries one atomizer  a charger and five cartridges. I put the first cartridge on and started puffing away, Same crap only about 5 or 6 cigarettes worth. So I started searching the web again on mods for Electronic Cigarettes and instead I found that you can buy gell for them that you just drop in the atomizer and it’s stronger.

electronic cigarettes liquid 2I researched where to get the gel at and found there’s a plethora of sites that sell it, the one I went to is www.puresmoker.com they were really cheap and fast and I like that there bottle has a child safety cap on it. Gel drops are the most efficient way to use the E-Cig because a bottle cost around 10 bucks and 3 drops is about 4 cigs worth (for me anyways) so a bottle last me about a month.

The great thing about E-Cigarettes is that it feels just like a “analog” Cig only it has no cancer casing agents in it and you won’t get infasema from it and you can smoke it anywhere even on plains and around kids, in fact I smoked it on a pain when I flew up to Humboldt county.

All in all if you’re thinking about quitting smoking now there’s an alternative to smoke so you might not have to quite.