Rare first glimpse into only government ran marijuana farm (with video)

For the first time ever, a camera crew was allowed into the mysterious government grow house located on the campus of The University of Mississippi in Oxford. St. Paul, Minnesota’s local Fox affiliate was granted permission to film the federal government’s one and only marijuana grow house – used to grow marijuana for research and for four remaining patients on the U.S. government’s now defunct medical marijuana program. Yesterday, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill that would legalize marijuana for medicinal use. Thirteen other states have already legalized medical marijuana, with at least 10 more states voting on similar measures by 2010. The video provides an interesting look at the only marijuana grow and research facility that has been sanctioned by the U.S. government.

“This is the only place in the country that actually has the responsibility of producing marijuana for research. We have very good quality material. We can produce any quality that is needed for the research program,” Dr. Mahmoud Elsohly, the program’s director said.

this article is from: www.cannabisismedicine.com

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