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Marijuana related videos from g4tv.com. Most of these are pretty cool.

Kevin has a chat about legalizing marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed… in today’s 420 Loop. It’s a special conversation for a special day, and we really get in-depth with the idea of legalization.

This Video is for my brother, he’s an apple freak

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LA dispensary tour, this is really cool for those of you who live in a stae where medical marijuana isn’t legal.


For the 2008 AOTS 420 special, Olivia donned a bikini and jumped 30 some feet off a cliff in Jamaica. It’s one of our more popular videos and has little to do with 420, but whatever, it’s evergreen, so that counts for something. BUD

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Kevin, Olivia and Big C explore the only museum greater than the Louvre and Smithsonian combined, the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum

In our constant effort to keep you updated about where in the world it’s 4:20, we’d like to make sure you didn’t forget our old friend Anchorage, Alaska, made famous by the Michelle Shocked song, ‘Anchorage.’ So, if you happen to like snow, or mid-90’s folk angst, you might want to celebrate 420 now.

Also, we wanted to show you this video from X-Play’s One-Hour Trip, from 2007, in which Adam Sessler challenges the world to defy his…um…trippiness. You have to see it to believe it. G4TV.com

Dude. Dude. Duuuuuuuuuuude. Have you looked at the clock? Do you know what time it is here in Los Angeles?! It’s 4:20!

Excuse me, I’ll be right back. I have some…umm…business to attend to.

However, while I’m gone, please enjoy this video of Kevin and Olivia exploring the raging nightlife in the infamous city of Amsterdam with comedian Mike O.T. Toliver. Then, of course, don’t forget to tune in at 7:00 PM ET (just a few short hours) for our mega-awesome 420 special hosted by Kevin Pereira and Doug Benson of Super High Me.

Anyone know where the Fabreze went? Oh, sorry, here’s the video! G4TV.com

Hey, do you happen to be in San Jose, Costa Rica? Well, if you can pry yourself away from the turtles that inhabit your landscape, you might want to take a moment and rejoice in the fact that, for you, our friends, the time is 4:20. Hope you enjoy it.

We also hope you enjoy this video from X-Play’s One-Hour Trip in 2007, about a bust that goes down with some of your favorite gaming characters and the Cops. Enjoy!

If you want to play a really crazy, trippy game, you must check out flow. It’s gonna mess with your mind, man. It’s the perfect 420 title for you. Check it out, in the X-Play video below.

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In celebration of 420, we present to you this Freestyle 101 favorite, featuring stoney Cypress Hill rapper B-Real goin’ off the top about smokin’, games and his favorite TV network, G4!

Dig more episode of G4’s multi-platform hip hop series Freestyle 101 here. Enjoy!

Attack of the Show isn’t the only G4 program that enjoys 420. X-Play is cool too. A few years ago, the show took a look at Katamari Damacy because it’s one of the trippiest games ever made…

The swirling colors…The King of the Cosmos… I can see through time, man!

Many think people who enjoy 420 (heshers) and people who enjoy gadgets and tech (nerds) are two circles in a Venn diagram that never touch. But comedian and Super High Me star Doug Benson visits the exact meeting point between the two tribes in the video below. Watch as Benson guides you through the world of vaporizers and pipes in a very, very special Gadget Pron.

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Once again, we want to remind you that, somewhere in the world, it’s 4:20…in this case, it’s Reykjavik, Iceland, where Bjork and her friends are likely celebrating and dressing up like polar bears or some such.

In an effort to celebrate, we present this 420 video classic tour of the Illadelph Glass Factory in Los Angeles, a subsidiary of a Philadelphia-based company, and a repository of some of the great waterpipes of our time. Check out the gear, jah?

It’s 4:20 in London, England. In the U.K. they drink a lot of tea. Hipsters from the 1950s used to call marijuana “tea.” So you can certainly see the 420 connection here, eh, mate?

Check out this awesome video of Big C talking to some concert goers and smoking enthusiasts at the Bob Marley Festival in Jamaica.

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420: Kevin & Olivia Visit A Mushroom Tea House

420: The Truth Behind The 420 Myth
Why do people call the the plant 420 anyway? To start you off on the magical mystery of today, check out the Attack of the Show video below where AOTS sets the record straight on how the number “420” came to mean what it does.

Live greener 420 420 420 special

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