Marijuana Botany

Marijuana Botany: Propagation and Breeding of Distintive Cannabis By Robert Connell Clarke

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Robert Connell Clarkes in-depth research is a one of a kind look at the subject of cannabis this book is very well researched and expels all the many myths about the cultivation of cannabis. This is truly a no nonsense guide dedicated to the horticulture and genetics of of this plant species and is considered to be “The Bible” on the subject by everyone who has delved into the art of cannabis cultivation. this book talks in detail of how to obtain the best specimen of what your tastes may be weather it is for the production of superior hemp fibers or top of the line intoxicant strain all methods are explained fully in this guide to produce the perfect strain of cannabis. Including the proper nutrients and their role in plant growth. A must read for all who are serious about the cultivation of cannabis.
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