Marijuana Books

Here is a google books list of some extremely helpful marijuana related books

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture By Jorge Cervantes
Indoor Marijuana Horticulture is the most authoritative, complete, up-to-date book on indoor marijuana cultivation available today. The New Totally Revised Edition contains over 250 photographs and drawings to illustrate the well researched text. Step-by-step guide to: Grow Rooms, Lamps & Electricity, Container Gardening, Water & Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Air, Co2, Bugs & Fungi, Cloning, Harvesting, Breeding, and Garden Calendar. This book gives simple, yet complete, written and pictorial descriptions of basic gardening techniques used to grow the largest quantity of dynamite marijuana indoors, under High Intensity Discharge Lamps, in the shortest time possible. All information contained in this book has been tested and proven successful. This book has everything an indoor grower could want to know about organic and hydroponic gardening, building a grow room, seed selection, cloning, grow lights, growing techniques, problem solving, harvesting and more. Garden calendar and weekly checklist and three case studies are the frosting on the bud!

The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible By Jorge Cervantes

Featuring information by more than 300 contributors–a veritable “whos who” of cannabis cultivation–this is the most complete book on the subject available. New greenhouse and outdoor growing chapters make the book one that both indoor and outdoor marijuana growers will appreciate. Van Patten Publishing.

Legalizing marijuana: drug policy reform and prohibition politics By Rudolph Joseph Gerber
This book is a frontal assault on the federal government’s almost century-long campaign against marijuana in all its forms–cultivation, growing, selling, and recreational and medicinal use. Beginning with the anti-pot campaign of the first unofficial drug czar, Harry Anslinger, in the 1930s and continuing wiht only minor differences in emphasis through the recent Reagan, Clinton, and two Bush administrations, federal efforts to stamp out every form of marijuana use involve ignoring the independent reports of numerous federal commissions; supporting provably false claims about marijuana’s effects; acquiescing to conservative law enforcement and religious groups’ condemnatory agendas; generating a climate of fear in the electorate in order to cultivate messianic images for politicians; and ultimately governing in a way that does a disservice to all involved.

Marijuana: Jorge’s RX By Jorge Cervantes
Jorge advises growers and medical marijuana users how to grow the best possible marijuana. This book is packed with information on First Time Growing, Small Space Grow Shows, Security, Medical Marijuana, Outdoor Growing, Light, Containers, Water, Nutrients, Leaching, Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Air, CO2, Odor, Pests, Diseases, Seeds and Seedlings, Cloning/Mothers, Transplanting, Pruning and Bending, Flowering, Male Flowering, Harvest, Drying, Hash, Breeding, Yield, Potency, Sex, and much more!

Why marijuana should be legal By Ed Rosenthal, Steve Kubby, S. Newhart
Marijuana hit mainstream America over 30 years ago and has been accepted by a large segment of society ever since. Despite government efforts to isolate and eliminate its use, it is more popular now than ever. Why Marijuana Should Be Legal analyzes the effects of marijuana and marijuana laws on society. The book addresses the drug’s industrial and medical applications, preserving our Constitutional rights, economic costs, health effects, and sociological aspects. New and updated information includes how state officials are acting against the legalization of marijuana and how U.S. marijuana laws are based on inaccurate and outdated information. In discussing such issues and many more, the book presents clear, documented evidence for all of its conclusions. Also included is an annotated list of organizations that lobby for change of marijuana laws. “Rosenthal and Kubby offer crisp, well-reasoned arguments for legalizing marijuana.”—Mike Tribby, Booklist “[A]n important contribution to the current national dialog on moves toward the decriminalization of this controversial drug.”—The Midwest Book Review

Pot planet: adventures in global marijuana culture By Brian Preston
Marijuana is cultivated in nearly every region of the world, from the jungles of Laos to the arid hills of northern California. It’s smoked and enjoyed for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes by an estimated 200 million people worldwide. In Pot Planet, journalist Brian Preston sets out on a global ganja safari to explore strange new cannabis cultures, to seek out new growers, activists, and other reefer revolutionaries … and to boldly get baked with each of them. Preston’s journeys take him across every strata of pot cultivation and enjoyment. In the Canadian Kootenays he meets hemp farmers struggling to harvest their crop on the fringes of legitimacy. In Cambodia and Morocco he explores the final frontiers of Third World weed enthusiasts. In northern California he takes a clear-eyed look at the medicinal marijuana movement, seeing both its promises and its problems. In England, Switzerland, and Spain he observes grudging governments catching up to public tolerance. And at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam he joins in the raucous multiday tasting competition and celebration at the international summit of the best breeders, growers, and connoisseurs in the world. Part investigative travelogue, part cultural history, part polemic for the unfettered enjoyment of nature’s most perfect and pleasing herb, Pot Planet is an unforgettable odyssey into the multifaceted world of hemp, full of wit, insight, and inspiration.

Marijuana Medical Handbook: Practical Guide to Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana By Dale Gieringer, Ed Rosenthal, Gregory T. Carter
An estimated 40 million Americans have medical symptoms that marijuana can relieve. “Marijuana Medical Handbook” is a one-stop resource that gives candid, objective advice on using marijuana for healing, understanding its effects on the body, safe administration, targeting illnesses, side effects, and the various delivery methods from edibles and tinctures to smokeless vaporizer pipes. The book also details supply issues, cultivation solutions (in a chapter by renowned expert Ed Rosenthal), and legal consequences. This thoroughly revised edition incorporates the most up-to-date information on the ever-changing politics of marijuana, the plant’s usage, and medical research on it.

Marijuana Botany: Propagation and Breeding of Distintive Cannabis By Robert Connell Clarke
Robert Connell Clarkes in-depth research is a one of a kind look at the subject of cannabis this book is very well researched and expels all the many myths about the cultivation of cannabis. This is truly a no nonsense guide dedicated to the horticulture and genetics of of this plant species and is considered to be “The Bible” on the subject by everyone who has delved into the art of cannabis cultivation. this book talks in detail of how to obtain the best specimen of what your tastes may be weather it is for the production of superior hemp fibers or top of the line intoxicant strain all methods are explained fully in this guide to produce the perfect strain of cannabis. Including the proper nutrients and their role in plant growth. A must read for all who are serious about the cultivation of cannabis.

From chocolate to morphine: everything you need to know about mind-altering …By Andrew Weil, Winifred Rosen
From Chocolate to Morphine is the definitive guide to drugs and drug use from one of America’s most respected and best-known doctors. This enormously popular book — the best and most authoritative resource for unbiased information about how drugs affect the mind and the body — covers a wide range of available substances, from coffee to marijuana, antihistamines to psychedelics, steroids to smart drugs, and discusses likely effects, precautions, and alternatives. Now expanded and updated to cover such drugs as oxycontin, Ecstasy, Prozac, and ephedra and to address numerous ongoing issues, including the United States’ war on drugs, marijuana for therapeutic use, the overuse of drugs for children diagnosed with ADHD, and more, From Chocolate to Morphine is an invaluable resource.

Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens By Jorge Cervantes
Get the inside story from five growers. They give every last detail of their grow operation (except Location) – how they harvest heavy crops of potent marijuana indoors. They tell how to choose a safe house, build a grow room and cloning chamber, install ventilation, hydroponic gardens, and grow lights. Find out how the experts use special growing techniques to get the most from potent indica/sativa varieties, clones, transplants, pruning, fertilizers, grow lights and scheduling to grow superb buds on a budget.

The Marijuana Foods Handbook: Cooking with Marijuana Extracts By Bill Drake, William Daniel Drake
The Marijuana Foods Handbook goes far beyond brownies to offer an impressive range of options for cooking with cannabis. It teaches how to calculate potency-per-portion and how to prepare cooking-quality extracts from different grades of marijuana. Readers are shown step-by-step how to use these aromatic, potent extracts in preparing just about any kind of food, from snacks and sweets to entrees and sauces.