Marijuana Recipes

:mushroom2:Magic Green Potion – Marijuana Tincture

– [Ground] two ounces of your favorite ‘regs’ herb; (or one oz. of your favorite bud)
– 750ml of a Hard alcohol of your choice, the best is Everclear -as its hard to find 100% alcohol that is consumable (your can ask for it at a liquor store but they give you the third degree when you ask for it)
– a jar to put it in (I use a charcoal colored nalgene)
– Coffee Filters, T-Shirt cloth, anything used to filter solids from liquids

– combine ground herb and liquor into a dark, water-tight container, lightly mix, not shake, and out in freezer.
– Leave in freezer mixing 1-3 times per day for 4-5 days.
– Strain out bud.
(some say to test if all the THC is in the alcohol is to dry some a smoke a bowl, and if it works it will taste terrible and wont get you stoned – terrible way to find out IMO)
– store in a dark glass container, and keep in the freezer.
– i feel about 10-20 drops is a very grooovy dose into a beer. nice body tingles

other ways:
– you can do this in a dark closet or somewhere warmer, and you mix as described above but you leave the bud in for 2-3 weeks till full extraction. something about the cold speeds it up.
– you can also vary the amount of bud to vary the potency of the drops.