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There are hundreds of marijuana related magazines that are currently being published. Some are local some are world wide and some are just on the internet. This article is going to focus on the the top 5 printed marijuana magazines. Why only the top 5 you might be asking your self? Although there might be hundreds of marijuana magazines, we only found five that were really worth mentioning. If you have any suggestions of magazines we might of over looked please feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of the article.


.1 High Time Magazine

High Times magazine defaults to number one on the list because they are the oldest known marijuana magazine. The first time I ever saw what dank bud looks like was in a picture in High times Magazine. High Times offers grow advice, great marijuana pictures and political news involving marijuana and other drugs. Currently and for many years has been the most trafficked marijuana website in the world.

You can order your self a copy of High Times From their website or from the Zinio App on iPhone/iPod or iPad


.2 Cloud Magazine

Cloud Magazine is Kind of like Hightimes meets MAXIM Magazine. Extremely large pictures of buds and many high quality pictures of beautiful bikini babes smoking marijuana. All the girls in Cloud Magazine are Ganja Girls From HTGB. Cloud Magazine focuses on the entertainment side of marijuana and tries to stay away from the politics. If you like hot babes and buds then this is the magazine for you.

You can get your self a copy at your local SoCal collective, head shop or from the Zinio App on iPhone/iPod or iPad


.3 Skunk Magazine

Skunk Magazine is a pretty high quality magazine that focuses on entertainment and a celebrity’s in marijuana plus maybe a little bit of politics. Its a pretty hefty magazine that uses good quality paper. Quite often they feature hot girls in the marijuana movement and big beautiful pictures of dank buds.

You can get your self a copy at your local Head shop or from the Zinio App on iPhone/iPod or iPad


.4 Kush Magazine

Kush magazine is probably the most high quality magazine on this list as it has the most pages and really high quality pictures as well as being book bound. Kush magazine is owned and operated by and features articles about politics and celebrity’s in the marijuana movement. This magazine is only produced quarterly which makes sense because its probably expensive to produce such a high quality magazine.

You can get your self a copy at your local Head shop or from the Zinio App on iPhone/iPod or iPad


.5 420 Magazine

420 Magazine is a pretty decent magazine featuring celebrity interviews and politics surrounding marijuana. However this magazine almost didn’t make it on our list because there is almost 75% ads in it and we find that annoying. the reasons why this magazine is worth mentioning is because it has main stream quality as far as the printing goes and i also respect that they got 7-ll to distribute them.

You can get your self a copy at your local Head shop, 7-11 or from the Zinio App on iPhone/iPod or iPad


I’m sure I missed a few of your favorite local marijuana publication so please leave a comment to remind me of what magazines I should ad to future updates.

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  1. Jeff Brown says:

    Just trying to get the word out that I recently published my second edition of Marijuana and the Bible thru Createspace an Amazon co.

    google Marijuana and the Bible Jeff Brown

    sincerely Jeff Brown

  2. MILKM@N says:

    Thanks, was wondering on other rags besides HIGH TIMES, that were out there. Worth the time and money… Already get the #1 magizine delivered to my door. Thinking about investing in #2, #4. COOL. Thanks again.. MILKM@N