Marijuana Jobs are Sprouting Everywhere

States across the map are legalizing medical marijuana. As of now, it is legal in 15 states, as well as in Washington, DC. California being the first, in 1996; and Arizona, Washington, DC, and New Jersey, all passing legislation in 2010. 10 other states currently have legislation still pending. For those that hate math that means that marijuana is legal in 30% of the states, with half of the states having legislation in the books.

It seems that a new industry has arised from the smoke and ashes. Legalized medical marijuana essentially requires the development and management of marijuana dispensaries & other patient services. Although most states do allow patients to cultivate their own medicine, a home operation cannot match the quality and selection that a dispensary can provide. With new dispensaries popping up frequently, some interesting employment opportunities are coming with them.

Running a medical marijuana dispensary requires hiring a new breed of job seekers: those that know everything about pot. With the increasing number of strains becoming available, a proper dispensary must rely on a knowledgeable staff to serve it’s customers. Not all marijuana was created equal. Indica’s and Sativa’s are good for different things, and there is a wide array of blends and strengths. The best effects will be found when you use the correct strain for your condition. Strains such as Blueberry x Haze cross, Blue Dream are good for pain, while other strains like the good old 100% sativa Northern Lights are good for anxiety and stress. For the most part, only a qualified marijuana connoisseur with years of experience is going to know this.

Knowing how to grow marijuana can also land you a job in the industry. Patients need dispensaries and dispensaries need growers. A constant supply of quality medicine must be maintained. In order to properly supply their patients, a dispensary often will find themselves contracting a number of local growers. growing marijuana is a whole article altogether but must be mentioned that green energy practices have to be used in industry. At the time of this article 3% of California’s energy usage was due to indoor marijuana grow operations. This is a situation that cannot be overlooked and should not be unresolved with today’s green technology. If it were up to me, every indoor grow operation would be running on hemp bio-fuels.

Dispensaries aren’t the only growing business in this new industry. The rise of marijuana has also created a surge in the need for trustworthy doctors who will support and prescribe it as a medicine. Although probably not as glamorous of a job as a marijuana connoisseur or a marijuana grower, doctors are the root of the medical marijuana industry. Luckily many doctors now recognize the potential that marijuana has to heal the sick. Doctors must be honest and trustworthy or they could find themselves in a heap of trouble. Marijuana should be treated the same as any other prescription drug not prescribed without good reason.

With all of these new jobs coming down the pipeline, luckily there are websites devoted to helping people find jobs in the medical marijuana industry. One of the best and oldest medical marijuana job boards is Started in late 2009, offers free and low cost posting and advertising of new job openings for any company in the marijuana industry. Many opportunities can be found there ranging from freelance work to physician openings at medical marijuana clinics. With an easy-to-use and mobile friendly interface, finding your dream job is a snap at

As you can see in the graph below, the percentage of job posts that mention medical marijuana has sky-rocketed over the past couple of years. Growing over 2,750% since 2005. What a great way to be fighting the unemployment rates that were running rampant in this nation.

This pace is likely to continue for some time as more and more states legalize medical marijuana. We live in odd times now, where jobs exist that couldn’t have the past. Who would’ve thought that being a stoner would become a job requirement? If you think you’ve got what it takes then definitely apply for one of the many jobs that are being created daily by medical marijuana industry. For the right person, there isn’t a better job on Earth. The people you will meet and help will not only bring you a sense of gratification, but also earn you the respect that a caretaker is due.

You can also find and all of their tasty jobs on Twitter and Facebook. Bookmark that site today, and tell your friends, because who knows – you may just find yourself a new potential career path.

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