M.M.J. Blogger Of The Week “The Plant Rant”

“Great Blogs spawn from Great Misery”

“Five months ago, Hal was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Doctors immediately put him on the strongest possible chemo and the misery started. He needed something more to look forward to than drinking bottles of poison ever few hours so he decided to start a new blog, The Plant Rant . Hal talks about his experience with chemo and how marijuana made life bearable.
The Blogging community needs to hear more story’s like Hal’s. Here’s a guy who would have puked his way through chemo, but he fired up a Volcano and vaped his way through the experience without puking ONCE. He avoided taking expensive pharmaceuticals with their lists of dangerous side effects and used A PLANT that’s been helping people for several thousand years at least.        “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”

Now The Plant Rant is dedicated to helping others like Hal. He’s a newbie to pot and he wants to help other newbies get started. Hal talks about his friends who need marijuana, but are too intimidated by ‘the scene’ to even try.  There are dozens of good sites out there telling you how to start using medical marijuana, but The Plant Rant features very simple instructions for new patients.

(Hal personally walks some needy patients in the San Diego area through the process himself.)

I like what Hal is doing here, he completely new to the MMJ scene but he is hitting it full force and trying to spread the good word (of ganja that is)

check out theplantrant.com and let me know what you think. You can also follow him on Twitter (@mindfulhal) or follow the Plant Rant webmaster Daisy (@theplantrant).”

Their good people, hit them up if your in the San Diego are and need some Noob MMJ help.

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  1. Mindful Hal says:

    Thanks for the linkback! You guys are amazing! 🙂