How To FIM & Top Your Cannabis Plants

FIMming and topping your cannabis plants at the right time in their vegetative growth cycle can help that plant produce higher yields and stockier, bushier growth.  This is great when growing in a small space or you are limited to the number of plants you can grow at any given time.  Getting the best results from your plants is the goal and FIMming and topping is a way to push the limits of any strain to produce a bumper crop while not sacrificing quality of your results.

The video below will show you the best practices when FIMming and topping to ensure you get quality results every time.  Know when to FIM or top your cannabis plants and how to do it so you don’t harm your babies.  Don’t forget to join the discussion on Facebook!

Top & FIM Your Cannabis


How to: FIM and Top your marijuana plant

Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the c…

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