How To Build A Hydroponic System – Video Tutorial

There are many methods for growing indoors but my favorite is hydroponics. Once you get by the brief learning curve, it is actually pretty fun and easy to grow whatever you want indoors hydroponically. While there are TONS of sites that will sell you plans to make a hydroponic system, this is a video I found that shows you exactly what you need to build a pretty tight NFT system on the cheap. I am speaking from experience here too – after watching this video, I went out and built the system in an hour or so . . . easy and straight forward.

Hydroponic System Plans – NFT

This video details how to build an NFT (nutrient film technique) hydroponic system.  When mine was completed, it had 21 grow sites on it and it is perfect for growing anything from culinary herbs, peppers, tomatoes, squash, strawberries, and of course . . . our favorite plant, cannabis.  Due to the constraints of the system, I would recommend this for shorter plants – no more than 2 ft tall.

How to Build PVC Hydroponic System – Complete Parts List

Complete plans and Parts list to build your own NFT PVC Hydroponic System for about $50

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