Growing a connection to plants: Grow Journal Chap. 1

Welcome to the world of MrAlchemy; a psychotropic realm revolving around Cannabis. The epic impact of Cannabis on humanity and the resurfacing of the medical wonders of this miraculous plant puts us in one of the greatest times of our history. We’ll start from seed (and clones) working our way up to oils, hashish, topical treatments, edibles and much more here at htgb.

Creating a personal garden generates an incredible sense of well being within me; a heart-felt content with every thought towards the garden. For some it’s just a route for financial success although the extraordinary level of connoisseurship Cannabis brings us makes every bud on every plant special in its own way. I was told once- “Nothing get you higher than the herb you cultivated yourself” While there are some obvious objections to this quote, I truly believe it still holds merit.

The first step in starting a garden can be a daunting task although with mindful preparation and good genetics, a bountiful crop can be pulled of by virtually anyone with the means to do so. This summer we will be starting from both seed and clone; each with their own set of pros and cons. Seeds were started in halved egg shells with a coco coir soil mix in shell with the seeds nearly on the bottom the shells. I prefer this technique because it holds the water well while providing nutrients to the plant later on in it’s life. The roots tend to engrave themselves into the eggshell to pull nutes and expand. After a slight crack in the shell the seed is transplanted into a soil-based medium. The egg carton is placed in a window sill indoors with indirect sunlight until they are “hardened off” to go outside. “Indoors vs. outdoors” is a entire subject although for the record, all plants will be outdoors.

Clones arrived with mites although with a combination of the cold nights and predators, the mites couldn’t stand a chance outside, within a week there were no signs of mites. Clones are placed in indirect light for 3-4 days until they are ‘hardened off’ to go outside. I think it could be optimal to have an “anti-dep” greenhouse.  This is where lights are turned on in the greenhouse at night to extend the photo period to 24 hours promoting more vigorous growth for the vegetative period and more intense light on cloudy days. As where a “light dep” would be where one could black out a greenhouse for 12 hours of the night to get the plants to flower early outdoors. These plants will be on the Sun’s schedule for now.diatomaceous earth is added as a top dressing; its microscopic sharp edges is added to deter and kill slugs while feeding the plants.

The plants get a foliar compost spray and a compost tea from a local, professional company once a week. Composting is a science in and of its self. My local soil is rich with a high water retention because a high proportion of clay. Therefore I mixed most the soil with coco coir. A high water retention is usually not favored because less frequent waterings means less frequent feeding. Although this is debatable. (More on this later). My own compost pile consists of all things compostable along with sea weed and kelp from the beach. I also use seaweed and kelp from the beach as a top dressing to deter slugs and some bugs. I wash the seaweed/kelp first to avoid too much salt build up from the sand. Composted rabbit and goat manure is added to the medium to ensure a rich soil. Chicken guano is so effective it is known to burn plants therefore I go very light on the chicken guano and completely compost it before using it on the plants. More on composting later.

Earthjuice has always been the first nutrient line up I’d pay for. It simply works well and is forgiving to many mistakes. I received a free line up of Amsterdam’s Van De Zwaan nutrient line up on 420. A few plants will only receive Van De Zwaan for compare and contrast. The plants are flushed once week to avoid nutrient lock up. White willow bark tea is used as a rooting stimulant in the first 3 weeks of vegging.

The plants are in week 3 of vegging stay tuned for more info, updates, photos and video!

MrAlchemy @ HTGB

Sometimes the names are just created for a sale appeal and they can be easily confused with each other. Although through reputable sources and a tight growing community, most names are reliable.
My strain List thus far:


OG Kush
Hawaain Mango (Mango x Maui Wowie)
White Russian
Pure Kush
Jack Herer
Platinum Kush (bubba x master?)
Black Domina
Pinapple Trainwreck
Blueberry diesel
Alaskan Thunderf*ck (matinuska)

OG Kush
Master Kush
Bubba Kush
LA confidential crosses

Ruderalis Auto flowerer low ryder

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2 Responses

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    I like the post hope to hear from you bro. I plan to grow some plants myself please give me some tips on which nutrients to by advanced or foxfarm.
    Are any of your friends usiing t5 fluorescents to grow?

  2. kickaha says:

    @cris avanced r good t5 fine to veg but not flower if your first timer forget about nutrients and get somje autoflower fem seeds and a 400 watt hps and in 2 mounths you’ll b smokin smoe fine stuff my friend