Exactly what is world Ip address in addition to Individual Ip address

Enter your router’s username and password when prompted. You ought to see router web site like the 1 down below (the page may differ depending on the router make and model).

Fig. 01: My linksys dwelling router Ultimately, click on Status to look at dns handle assigned by your ISP. You must see status page like one particular underneath (once again page output differs on the router make and model but you should really equipped to see dns server IP address) Fig. 02: My linksys router’s dns server options assinged by my isp. Method # two: MS-Home windows Instructions. Open a command prompt (click on on Get started > operate > variety cmd and press [enter] important to open a command prompt). Type the nslookup command to test DNS resolution at the command prompt c:> nslookup www. cyberciti. biz OR nslookup www. google. com Sample outputs:The initially two strains are the dns server (ten. 10. 11 or dns2. mumbai. corp-lan. nixcraft. web. in) you are working with i. e.

dns server IP deal with assigned by your ISP or network admin. 80. eleven is our individual dns server situated inside of our company network. Say hello there to ipconfig /all command. advisable you may find out more in Another selection is to form ipconfig /all command at the command prompt my-ips.co to get the identical information: ipconfig /all Sample outputs: Fig. 03: MS-Windows command to locate out DNS server IP addresses In this instance my DNS server is situated at 192. 168. 1. two. This 1 is used by my computer, and it was handed on to my computer by ISP modem / router. Method #three: Apple OS X or Unix / Linux Commands. Open the bash shell prompt and style the dig or host instructions: $ host -a www. cyberciti. biz | grep from Sample outputs:OR use the dig command: $ dig www. cyberciti. biz | grep SERVER Sample outputs:However, a superior technique is to go via /etc/resolv. conf file to see assigned dns server address to your personal computer. It was handed on to you by your modem / router: $ cat /etc/resolv. conf Sample outputs:rn(Fig. 04: 10. 80. 11 and ten. eighty. twelve are my DNS server IP handle assigned underneath Unix like running systems)Method #four: Dump and look at visitors on a network (proposed for highly developed users only)You can use the tcpdump command to dump site visitors on a network and see dns targeted traffic.

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tcpdump command operates on most Unix-like functioning systems. tcpdump command analyzes community behavior, functionality and applications that create or get network targeted traffic which includes dns visitors. To check out dns site visitors only run tcpudmp as root user in a independent window: # tcpdump udp and src port 53 # tcpdump udp and dst port 53 # tcpdump -n -s 1500 -i eth0 udp port 53 Open up a different window (terminal) and operate host / dig commands to make dns site visitors: $ host www. cyberciti. biz Sample outputs: Fig. 05: Tcpdump in motion – monitoring udp port # 53 targeted traffic In this example:You see all packets heading in and out of my Linux process for udp port # fifty three. I ran host command from another windows. The output of tcpdump clearly suggest that my computer (IP:192. 168. one. 5) inquiring to dns server (IP:192. 168. one. 2) about the address of www. cyberciti. biz? In second line I bought reply from dns server.

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