Clone Cannabis Plant – Video Tutorial

So you got some some seeds from a friend or picked up a couple clones from a local dispensary and spent the last several weeks obsessing over your babies.  They are strong and healthy and just about ready to start flowering . . . but you really need more plants!  Instead of hitting the dispensary again or risking picking up new seeds (never know what you’ll end up with), all you need to do is CLONE your plant.

Cloning a cannabis plant

Below is a video tutorial on how to clone your cannabis plant.  It is really not all that difficult but you need to be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure you end up with strong clones and you don’t do any permanent damage to your mother plant.  It can be very easy to introduce disease to your mother plant if you don’t follow these steps!  In addition, following these guidelines will ensure you have an endless supply of weed so you can ditch your dealer!

Clone Cannabis Using Honey

What is really cool about this video is that they show how to clone your cannabis plant by using honey as your rooting agent! So instead of spending big money on a rooting compound, you just need a couple dollars worth of honey . . . check it out below.

Cloning Cannabis- Save Money Use Honey

Here is a little tutorial showing you that you can root clones with using honey as a cloning gel.

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