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Josh Stanley Cannabis

Josh Stanley’s TedX Talk Shows Exactly Who Medical Cannabis Is For

   I wonder if there has been a study yet about the number of medicinal cannabis patients that really, truly use cannabis for medicinal reasons versus the number that have convinced themselves that they do. To be clear, I fully support...

Cost To Grow Cannabis

How Much Does It Cost To Grow An Ounce Of High Quality Cannabis?

   Currently there are 23 States that have laws regarding the legal use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use. Of those states, only these 15 will allow you to grow your own cannabis at home – everyone else must...

Cannabis Grow Indoors

How To Grow Cannabis Indoors For Beginners

    How Do I Grow Cannabis Indoors?    Most questions were pretty basic at first . . . where do I get seeds, what should I use for lighting, and similar questions. I new some basics – enough to help people...