Buy Cannabis In Toronto? Canada Mail Order Cannabis Business Thriving

Buy Weed in Toronto

Can you *really* buy cannabis online in Toronto?

   How about your own personal mail order cannabis concierge? That is what you get when you give Ronald McChronald a call from

Buy Weed In Toronto?

   Ron sells genuine BC grown cannabis from Vancouver to Toronto that can be ordered very easily through his website. The goal is to eliminate the need for a shady dealer for all Canadian based customers. This service is ONLY for Canadians who register on the site and agree to a simple phone call to get you started.

   Orders are placed online and a nice little package arrives at your doorstep a week or so later. Everything is shipped discreetly, double vacuum packed to ensure none of the beautiful BC Bud aroma escapes.

   If you want to buy cannabis in Toronto, Ronald McRonald is the only guy to deal with, check out these testimonials:

  • Cynthia

    I’m still blown away at how business-like my transaction was conducted. I did speak with Ronnie and he was super-helpful–just like a personal shopper!

  • Chris

    This is exactly what is needed to keep herb as a great medicine, safe recreational chill down after work without having to deal with dealers which only make it a gateway drug because of being around real drugs. Ronnie has a company that will take that “gateway” saying away. I took a chance and haven’t looked back. Great product delivered to your DOOR vacuum sealed, and always not a mg less than I ordered–wow.

  • Ghanesh

    McChronalds provides a great service with excellent product selection, email communication regarding orders and payments, and super fast and well packaged product delivery. I’ve had no problems with ordering, payments or delivery of my recent orders. G. Das in Toronto, Canada.

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