AHC Riverside CA, Medical Marijuana Collective That Raises The Bar and Sets a New Standard

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First let me say that this collective has the most potent strains I’ve smoked in all of 2009 and now in 2010.

img_9882-1600x1200When you first walk in to AHC you are greeted with a friendly smile by a gentle giant, but don’t be fooled im sure there security guard will roll you up into a little package if you rub him the wrong way.
Now i know each Collective has at least one aspect that they pride themselves in, however, AHC has many aspect to be proud of and has exceeded the competition by a long shot. I had the pleasure of visiting this heaven sent location the very first week they opened and I can honestly tell you that I will never waste my time or gas going anywhere else.

When you first walk in to the waiting room i looks similar to a nice bank with thick glass windows and rounded architecture, it really looks like they put a lot of time in to the construction before they opened. The [singlepic id=1503 w=320 h=240 float=right]person behind the window 9 times out of 10 is the owner Adriana which is smoking hot and has a great smile which makes me want to come back regardless of how good there medicine is. (not to mention the two certificates from Oaksterdam University she has)

when its your turn and you go into the medicine room it look similar to a pharmacy mixed with a jewelery shop, they have several variates of medical marijuana along with several different types of drinks and edibles (HTGB edibles are also offered here).

I am sure that everyone out there has heard the term “COMPASSIONATE CAREGIVER” but lets be honest when a terminally ill patient takes the time to visit several collectives in the Los Angeles area and comes home with enough medicine for just one day, one could easily consider that a waste of time. This collective can easily identify someone who is in need and if you are, they give you the medicine you need in the quantities you need it. donation are not required for this service and from what i can see this isn’t a one time deal they seriously care about the patient well being and it shows

Now on to what kinds of medicine they have:img_9745-1600x1200

Fire OG Kush – This is there signature strain they grow it them selves and its never over 20 bucks a gram and its probably the strongest Indica they have.

True Power Plant – This is a Sativa dominant hybrid that I am actually medicating with as I am writing this review. Mmm Mmm wow!

Blue dream – The name says it all, This is total show off bud with its great smell and the blueish color, when you finally hit it you realize why its called Blue Dream. (also Sativa dominant)

Now they have several other flavors of medicine but those that i mentioned are my favorite, but i haven’t tried medicine here that I wouldn’t deem worthy of posting on our site. (there are actually a variety of pictures of other strains I did not mention for your viewing pleasure)

There donations are what really set them apart from other inland empire Collectives, none of there medicine has a required donation over $20 and they have several flavors that only require a $10 or $15 dollar donation (and there not bunk strains)[singlepic id=1509 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I am so grateful to have come across such a great reliable source for my medication and I am recommending to all who read this… If you are ever in the I.E. area please pay them a visit…

Please call 951-990-6338 or visit www.alternativehealthcollective.com
(For fast and easy pre-verification and the address)

Thanks to all the staff at AHC for raising the bar and setting the standard.
from your friends at HTGB
I love you guys man
In the words of Comic Book Guy
“BEST. COLLECTIVE. EVER!”                                  The Best marijuana dispensary in riverside

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7 Responses

  1. Adrianna says:

    WOW!!! Thanks guys, your review is AWESOME!!! I’m so happy you enjoy the Collective, we all put alot of love into building it and i appreciate everything you guys have done for us…Thanks again Adrianna AHC

  2. Rich says:

    Love the place. Friendly and helpful staff… Great Spot!!!

  3. Mota Faded says:

    Beautiful place on the inside, good hidden location, good security doors,cameras and multiple room set up smart for first timers who are worried about skimpy security. Adrianna was very nice and informative. They have very good strains of medication. The only thing I didnt like was they weighed the meds out in the back room where you cant see anything the canister just pops out from some back room like magic. They did say they would weigh it again if i wanted which is a total waist of time. They say its a positive because its unmolested by patients which is cool but theres gotta be a better way of distributing medication where the patient can see it happen and not have to worry about it being short or waiting for you to reweigh it. Other then that its very clean very organized and very safe. Also I received a free haze joint for being a new customer.

    • Mike says:

      I kind of disagree. Does a pharmacist count out your pills in front of you? I think they do things very professional, plus like you said, they will weigh it in front of you via request.
      On a side note, its true that they give a free joint to new patients and any time after that if you just ask for a free joint 9 times out of 10 they will just through one in the bag for you 🙂

  4. Rich says:

    ur Welcome… 🙂


  6. Herberlious says:

    MMMMMMMMM!!! now that i seen all the shitty comments about this spot, i kinda dont want to go there and plus i get a wackass joint after i spent over 50 bucks FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK that shit!!!! am cool THANKS GUYS FOR MAKING UP MY MIND UP FOR ME!!!!!! BlaZE IT BITCHIES!!!! HAHAHA 420 ALL DAY 24/7