A New School with a New Focus, 420 College and the Thriving Medical Marijuana Industry

420 College  is a new school with a focus on a new industry, both of which have cropped up in the state of California. As today’s economy continues to slip and slide into decline, 420 College provides an educational experience in the new and booming business of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is a multi-billion dollar industry, with the American west, specifically California, as its epicenter. College 420 sees this as the new force, which will help stand the state’s economy back on its feet, and are offering knowledge and empowerment for individuals who wish to be a part of that development.

With official estimates accounting for 2/3 of the economic activity in certain areas of the state, it’s easy to see the potential. Even in these dark days of economic decay and unemployment, the medical marijuana industry is still growing strong. The services provided by California dispensaries are at a high in effectiveness and are becoming not only an integral part of the state’s alternative health care system, but also a new economic cornerstone.

Medical marijuana is an extensive and multi-tiered industry, which offers employment, investment, and other opportunities for thousands. In California, the scope is far reaching, and as with all legitimate business, it provides much needed tax dollars. Apart from medical marijuana dispensaries and care-giving, there are a number of other elements involved. This field offers a wide range of business types for both individual and collective upstarts. Such models include delivery services, non-profit organizations, cultivation, culinary arts, and more.

The 420 College program encompasses the full spectrum of the medical marijuana community. Along with educational courses and seminars on multiple related topics, the school also provides employment resources, major opportunities for entrepreneurs, connections to professionals in all areas of the industry, and other valuable information from the experts with which they work.

This is a new and pioneering industry full of exciting innovation and possibilities. Unlike many businesses at this time, medical marijuana is expanding exponentially. 420 College is a premier institution, who has a goal to provide individuals with the training it takes to keep jobs and revenue flowing in this beneficial industry.

Supporters of the medical marijuana California industry as a whole, the creators of this program also see the larger importance of aiding development in this market. Through the type of sustainable opportunity made accessible by 420 College, the power of this community could be the helping hand our economy needs, while being the helping hand for medical marijuana patients in need.

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    ok, great idea but where is the site. i want in, looking towards the future