2 Myths About Drugs, The Network News Doesnt Want You To Know

Let me star off by saying that I’m not a drug dealer but I’ve been around them many times. Because for many years the only way to purchase marijuana was to go through one. Everything your going to read in this article is just common sense. Things that you probably would of thought of if you just question what you read or hear from your local news, as opposed to just agreeing with every blanket statement they publish.


MYTH 1 : Drug dealers give candy “like” drugs to children in schoolyards.

Ok I’m sure everyone has read an email or some sort of public alert that reads like this:



Parents Beware

Halloween Warning for Parents

There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks. It smells like strawberry also and it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I’m sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition.

It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange. It looks just like pop rocks.

Please instruct children to not accept candy that looks like this even from a friend and to take any that they may have to a teacher, principal, etc.

Pass this around it could save some family a lot of heartache! They call it strawberry meth or strawberry quick.

Special Agent Todd V. Coleman
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement
[Contact details removed]

At first when you read this it sounds pretty scary especially if you have children. Well that’s exactly what this notice is intended to do. This notice makes you think that there are drug dealers out there giving free drugs that look like candy to children and its killing them. If you break it down it doesn’t make sense.

it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I’m sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition.

When you read this part ask your self, “What drug dealer in their right mind would give young children drugs for free just so they can be rushed down to the hospital and almost die?” A drug dealers mission is to make money, giving free drugs to children who probably never come back to buy more is a ridicules notion.
Now I’m sure events like this have actually happened but there not normal occurrences and the story’s are worded to scare you.

This notice should read: “Sociopath Is handing out poison that looks like candy to children!” that would be more truthful.

MYTH 2 : When you buy Marijuana on the streets you better watch out because it could be laced with other more dangerous drugs.

Almost everyone I have ever argued with about the recreational use of marijuana has brought this “laced drugs” crap up to me.
Ask your self : “Why would any drug dealer want to put stronger drugs inside of weaker drugs without telling you and sell it to you at the same price of the weaker drug. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! Yes laced drugs exist but you pay more for them, the dealers lace them and tell you about it so they can charge you more. No drug dealer is going to give you free drugs without telling you.
I’m sure this has happened before but the focus should be on drugs and dealers. It should be focused on poison and attempted murder because that’s what it is when someone gives you dangerous drugs with out telling you.

Conclusion :
If some guy made some home made moonshine that taste just like fruit punch and the took it to the nearest elementary school and gave it out for free to the children. Would your network news say : “New form of alcohol is super concentrated and taste like fruit punch is being handed out to children by liquor store owners”

Always question what you hear on the news, they word things the way they want to spin your view the way they want.

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3 Responses

  1. wow just wow says:

    they lace it with designer drugs to test if their new batch from china is ‘tainted’ or not…

  2. pedro says:

    Not necessarily true… I’ve had laced stuff, and it wasn’t with other more expensive “drugs”… it was laced with shit like lysol & roach spray and stuff because that shit can make u hallucinate if u smoke it so the user thinks its “stronger”… only way 2 be 100% sure is to grow yourself…

  3. Dead Mic says:

    I’ve heard of someone trying to lace weed with embalming fluid…not PCP, actual embalming fluid, formaldehyde. At the same time, though, I’ve aksed about twenty of my friends and none of them have ever smoked laced weed…Not on accident, anyway.